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Lost Battalions' M.43 Tunic details
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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouse
Proper German Field Blous Length
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Why Lost Battalions uniforms are the best.

Lost Battalions WWII German uniforms are the most accurate reproductions of 1934-1945 German uniforms ever made. Every other seller of reproduction German uniforms makes this claim, but only Lost Battalions has the products to back up the words, "We make the best." Our uniforms even beat the German made reproductions that were formerly considered to be the most accurate available.

"Museum Quality" is a term many firms like to apply to their reproduction products, but in our case it's literally true. Lost Battalions has provided amazingly accurate reproductions of both rare and common German uniforms to military and historical museums around the world. Collectors come back to us again and again to fill impossible "holes" in their collections. Reenactors who demand the best "impression" possible, the people who count stitches, know the uniforms they get from Lost Battalions have all the details the other guys miss or just can't seem to get right. Filmmakers who want highly authentic "hero pieces" for their productions know Lost Battalions can supply uniforms with the extra level of accuracy that can't be found in an ordinary costume. When a Broadway musical needed exact 31mm RZM cufftitles for a chorus line of mincing SS men, they knew they could call us for the right product. People come to us for one thing: the best German uniforms. You won't find package filler like East German flashlights, Spanish gas cans, and converted Czech "Y-strap" suspenders in our catalog.

For a long time, we have had the widest selection, the best quality, and by far the best prices for serious reproduction German uniforms. Now we have outstanding service, too. Orders for in-stock items not requiring custom insignia application or tailoring usually ship the same day when placed prior to noon. If not, ships the no later than the next day.

We are not the biggest company making reproduction uniforms, but our products truly are the best on the market from any source or at any price.

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