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Lost Batalions Resource Page for WWI and WWII Uniform information
>The Lost Battalions resource page gives some very useful information about WW2 German uniforms.

Lost Battalions Measuring and Sizing Chart
Please read this page before ordering any clothing.
Please read this page before ordering any clothing from us!

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Lost Battalions' M.43 Tunic details
Our Details
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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouse
Proper German Field Blous Length
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Shipping & Handling Policies and Terms Of Purchase

  • If you place an order with us, you are, in fact, accepting the terms below.
  • If you have an issue with any of our terms, please do not order from us.
  • If you have any questions, please call Lost Battalions at (916) 221-2828.

A note before you read all this: We have had to make these rules over time due to a few (very few thankfully) customer's unfair or down-right devious actions, that ended up costing us a lot of money — again, unfairly. We are a business and we strive to do things above-board and to be the best. We don't try and cheat our customers and expect the same in return. Sadly, over the years, we have had some folks try to do things to us. And, as we said, we strive to be the best — if you have a problem, we will go the extra mile to make it right for you, but... please don't try to cheat. Please.

Important Please Read the following!

Our policy dealing with uniforms that were not bought at Lost Battalions:

Lost Battalions will not be accepting work on original uniforms or repro uniforms that were not bought at Lost Battalions. This includes the sewing on of insignia.

Original Uniforms

We do not want to be responsible for the possible loss of original uniforms when shipped. It would be very hard for you to replace the garment if it were to get lost by USPS. This would not be our responsibility because we neither own USPS nor control the minions at USPS. Instead you would just receive an insurance check. A recent incident involving shipping original uniforms, which came out just fine in the end, helped us come to this conclusion.

Uniforms That Originate Elsewhere

As for working on uniforms that were not bought at Lost Battalions, we have found out that we just make a few dollars on this service and it had become more of a "community service" for reenactors. Because of this, word has gotten around and we have been deluged with "put my insignia on" or "fix this incorrect jacket" orders on the cheap chinese stuff. This has become bad business for us and signs of it hurting this company has started to show by one: slowing down the turn-around time dramatically for those who bought uniforms from us, two: causing us to fall VERY behind with our normal production of merchandise that we need to have in stock, and three: causing us to loose much in terms of much needed revenue for the company which we need to REMAIN in business. Overall, this is very unfair to our customers who spend money with us and expect to have it in a reasonable time. It is also unwise and irresponsible for this business to procede with this work knowing that it can very easily close our doors. We have toyed with the idea of raising the price for this work, but quickly realized that this is not going to be a workable solution. This will put us back into the same situation and cause people to complain about the high price. We simply do not want to deal it. If you wish to get a correct jacket AND do not want to deal with sewing on your insignia, the solution is to buy one of ours. I'll be the first to tell you that it might not be as cheap as the chinese stuff, but it will be FAR superior! And that, is the real bargain! Thank you.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by Credit Cards, Cashier's Check and money orders. PayPal is accepted at info@lostbattalions.com with a 4% upcharge.

Order Processing

Please note that "in stock" items will ship ASAP.

Shipping and Handling

The shipping and handling shown on the individual item's page pertains only to shipments to addresses in the continental United States (48) via USPS.

International Shipping


All international shipping is via Air Mail. There is NO tracking NOR insurance via this basic option. If a tracking number is required, we offer either EMS (post office) or UPS International. With tracking, UPS offers insurance where EMS does not. If you ship via UPS, you WILL have to deal with a broker and there will be addional costs. There is usually no broker when using EMS (this may depend on country). Options that include tracking and insurance are higher that regular Air Mail. Though these options may have higher costs, it will be a much secure shipping method. Because of the constant change in shipping prices, regardless of what shipping option, please contact us for costs.

Shipping internationally involves risk. Therefore, regardless of shipping option chosen, we are NOT responsible for delayed, lost or stolen packages. If you are afraid of losing an order, you believe your country's customs will confiscate your order or do not trust your post office, DO NOT ORDER WITH US!!

US Postal Service regulations require that a customs statement be completed and attached to each package with a destination outside of the United States. We are required BY LAW to state the price of the enclosed merchandise on this form. WE WILL NOT LIE, SO DO NOT ASK US TO! It is your government that charges you for import duties, not Lost Battalions. It is your responsibility to know what your government will charge you for tariff when your package is delivered, so plan accordingly. IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO PAY YOUR CUSTOMS DUTIES, DO NOT ORDER WITH US!!

Inspection and Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

>>There are no returns for Bargain Basement items.<<


Regardless if you are sending a package for exchange, tailoring, refund, etc., ALL returned packages MUST have a letter included with the return stating your intentions. The letter be very clear on your intentions (i.e., what size you want to exchange for or how much you want taken in) and MUST include your contact information (address and telephone number) so we can contact you if the need arises. Any package that fails to have a letter will be placed to the side and WILL NOT be processed at all!


  • If you send a return via US Postal Service, it MUST be shipped to the P.O. Box address, which is:

Lost Battalions
P.O. Box 478
Folsom, CA 95763-0478

Our Phone: 916.221.2828

    • All orders have a 10-day inspection period and may be returned to us for refund or exchange, less shipping.
    • Items returned for refund are subject to a 15% restock fee! NO EXCEPTIONS! Refunds greater that $450.00 will be refunded back in several payments. We are not a Fortune 500 company here and we do not have a stash of money we sit on. We immediately use the money that you pay us for materials to make new product. If you spend more than $450.00, MAKE SURE that you want the product! DO NOT whine if we cannot refund all your money at once. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! There is no charge for exchanges in the exchange period.
    • Special ordered items, Bargain Basement items or custom tailored items (officer's conversions, sleeve length changes, size alterations, etc.) cannot be returned for refund or exchange.
    • If you made an error in ordering, you pay the exchange shipping, so please be sure of your size.
    • We do not accept merchandise that has been worn for exchange, credit or refund — reguardless of who's at fault. You can try it on and verify the fit, but if you wear it for any other reason, the garment is yours!

Please take the time to properly measure yourself and give us your correct size information. If you need help, please call or email. We have absolutely NO problems with helping you. We at Lost Battalions want to ensure that you look your historically correct best on the land, in the air, or at sea.

  • Returned items purchased by checks, money orders and cash will be refunded by check. Credit card purchases will be refunded on the card with which the purchase was made.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (916) 221-2828 during our regular hours.

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