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Lost Battalions' M.43 Tunic details
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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouse
Proper German Field Blous Length
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Lost Battalions Sizing Information

Accuracy on this page is crucial for your uniform items to fit correctly. Please be truthful; we aren’t going to judge you. If you give us the wrong measurements, your uniform won’t fit—NOBODY wants that.

All measurements MUST be in centimeters (Please do it this way... all cloth measuring tapes show both metric and standard. It will help to insure that your item is accurately sized).

A very important thing to look at first: Everyone should look at themselves in the mirror. Your chest measurement is at the nipple and that is well below your armpit. Don’t measure your coat at the armpit.

To get a good measurement of your coat lay it flat on a table or counter, Measure across the coat 1.5 inches BELOW your armpit. Double that measurement and subtract 1”. This is to allow movement. Your coat is not your skin. So if you have a size 44 coat it will tape 45.

Lost Battalions Custom Uniform Sizing Chart

We need the following information:

A. Around Head (½ inch above eyebrows): _________

B. Around Neck: ____________

C. Top of shoulder bone to thumb break: _________

D. Side of neck base to shoulder bone: __________

E. Around body at nipple line: __________________

F.Around body, Belly at BIGGEST: ______________

G. Inseam: _________________________
(Crotch to ankle bone)

H. Calf (expanded): _________________

K-L Widest part of upper hack: _________________

M-N Waist (the point that you really wear your pants at):_________

I-R Nape of neck to where you want your back and side hooks placed:____

I-J Nape of neck to where you want the tunic to end: _________________

I-O Nape of neck to where you want an Overcoat to end: ______________

Choose one and write it in:

MY body is: Short / Normal / Long-waisted

Please fill out this section with your “off THE RACK” sizes (this will give us "just that much more" information on how things fit you):

AA. Sports coat size:__________________________
(example 38 reg., 44 portly, 46 tall, etc.)

BB. Dress Shirt size:__________________________
(example 16/44 17½/42

CC. Sports slacks:____________________________
(example 40/34 32/30)

DD. your height:_____________________________

EE. Your weight:_____________________________

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