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Mountain Cap (Bergmütze)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Mountain Cap (Bergmütze)Price: $65 (T- insignia included), add $25 (stamped metal Edelweiß), or $8 (resin Edelweiß or Jäger leaves)

Shipping in Continental US: $8

The jaunty mountain cap (Bergmütze) used by the German Jäger, Ski-Jäger, and Gebirgsjäger troops of World War II was a further development of the various mountain caps used by Bavarian, Prussian, and Austrian Jäger troops during World War I. The earlier caps had been developed from civilian mountain caps dating back into the 1800's. This cap also was issued to ski-rifle troops and light infantry (Jäger) troops and photos exist showing Rommel wearing one while skiing as commander of the Goslar Jäger Battalion during the 1930's. It was the forerunner of the extremely popular M43 field cap.

The metal Edelweiß badge on the left side denoted Gebirgsjäger and a similar metal badge of oakleaves was worn in the same spot by the Jäger troops. Oak leaves and skis identified members of Skijäger units

We sell this cap with and without the devices sewn on the side of the cap. Currently, we can offer the Edelweiß insignia of the Gebirgsjäger and the oak leaf insignia of the Jäger. The photo to the right shows the Lost Battalion's "Berg" with full Gebirgsjäger insignia worn with one of our M36 field blouses.

The lining of the cap is brown twill and and has the leather half-moon sweatband typical of these caps.

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