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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouse
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Waffen-SS M40 Field Blouse (Feldbluse)

This item is proudly made in Folsom, California

Please read here about the proper fit of the jacket.

This field blouse base price ($385) includes sleeve eagle and direct sewn collar tabs.

Alternatively, order the complete M36 package which includes sleeve eagle, direct sewn collar tabs, internal load suspension, and collar liner for $435.

Shoulder straps are $15 with purchase of jacket.

Shipping in Continental US: $15

In late 1940 or early 1941, the Waffen-SS M39 field blouse was taken out of production in favor of the Army M40 style. As with the Army M36 style blouses already in Waffen-SS use, these were produced by the SS clothing contractor system. As a result many of them still retain the skeletonized linings carried over from the earlier Waffen-SS style jackets, but most are made exactly to the Army pattern.

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