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Waffen-SS M39 Field Blouse

This item is proudly made in Folsom California

Price: $445

This jacket is custom made and the order takes 34 months to complete. Additional details below.

Shipping in Continental US: $15

Please read here about the proper fit of the jacket.

With the introduction of the Waffen-SS M-1937 field uniform, the LAH and Verfüngstruppe adopted the Army's field-gray color for the first time. The entire uniform was almost completely copied from the Army's M-1936 uniform. Trousers were identical to Army M-36 pattern and the blouse was also of the same pattern, except for the four button front (which could be worn open with a tie or closed), the field-gray collar, the internally hung lower pockets with slanting flaps, and the shallow top pocket flaps (which resurfaced later on some M42 style Waffen-SS blouses). The blouse also incorporated the Army's new internal canvas load bearing suspenders, eliminating the need for the wide webbing suspenders previously used on the earth gray field uniform. Accordingly, the two belt hooks, one on each side, used on the earth-gray M34 field blouse were replaced with four.

This uniform, alongside the earth-gray M34 field uniform, was the predominant uniform worn by the troops of the new LAH and Verfügungstruppe (later Das Reich) Divisions from the invasion of Poland through the end of the early stages of the campaign in Russia (1939-1941). The new Totenkopf and Polizei Divisions were mostly dressed in Army M36 uniforms. In 1940, the SS pattern changed to an exact copy of the M36 Army style with patch pockets and dark green collar.

Identical to the M37, the M39 has a bottle-green collar. This was due to the popularity of the Army's uniform among the Waffen-SS. Himmler wished to keep a distinct Waffen-SS pattern but caved in once again on the issue of color by allowing bottle-green to be used on the collar of the M39. Himmler's first concession was allowing the use of field-gray on the M37.

Lost Battalions' Waffen-SS M39 field blouse is made with all the details of the original with nothing forgotten.

We decided to remove this jacket from our catalog due to low sales but the interest still existed and we have made a few since its removal on a "custom order" basis. Unlike our other jackets that we manufacture here in quantity, this jacket will be made "one off" from the exsisting patterns we have here. The turn around time is 3-4 months from the time the order is entered in the system and there are no returns or exchanges on this item once the jacket it cut.

The jacket includes an enlisted sleeve eagle and enlisted collar tabs. All insignia is sewn on here. Please contact us about any additional insignia options.

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