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M36 (37 SS) Stone-gray Trousers
(Steingrau Langhosen)

This item is proudly made in Folsom, California

Price: $195

Shipping in Continental US: $10

These trousers are commonly referred to as "M36" trousers by collectors and students of military uniform history, presumably because they were part of the uniform when the "M36" field blouse (Feldbluse) was adopted. However, they actually date back to the 1920s when a right rear pocket was added to the traditional trousers. The color was "stone gray" (steingrau), a heathered gray felted wool. The trousers were cut fairly full and featured straight legs, two slash pockets in front, a watch pocket and the traditional high waist and V-notched back with rear waist adjustment belt.

Since each soldier was issued four pair of trousers at the beginning of the war, almost 15,000,000 of these trousers were in use by active soldiers at the time of the invasion of Poland. There were also untold millions stockpiled in preparation for war. In early 1940, the decision was made to stop acquiring stone gray wool and to make future production in the same color (field gray) as the feldbluse. The field gray M40 service trousers began to show up in the field around the time of the invasion of Russia and became predominant about 1942, but stone gray trousers continued to be issued from old stock and worn by the troops right up until the end of the war.

The photo at right shows the M36 style trousers in stone gray. Roll your mouse over the photo for the back view. We also offer the M40 field-gray trousers in field gray.

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