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Lost Battalions' M.43 Tunic details
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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouse
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This page is our comedic look into farbism and dedication to those reenactors who love to argue 'till they're blue in the face that certain things NEVER happened with the Germans during the second world war. These photos are usually sent to us or we come across them during our work here. We will continue to update this page every so often with newly found photos into the realm of ORIGINAL FARBDOM! MIND YOU, ALL these photos are real! They are not reenactors.



Bond. James Bond.
Oh God! This has to be my new favorite photo! Shown here Nick Nack and Jaws (c.1940)
before joining S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in the early 60's. From P.W. (9/2/05)

Bearded affection.
Martin van Buren with the head muff is seen here with a goateed officer. I know this can't be right. That facial hair was never allowable. this photo must be doctored. especially since we ALL know that goatees never existed just during World War 2 in Germany. Das is verboten!!! That goateed officer looks like he's about to kiss our former president. From P.W. (9/2/05)

Another problem with facial hair! And that's just for starters!
I can't believe this guy has the gall to show up to an event with facial hair! And! On top of that WHERE'S YOUR CLEANING ROD! Also, note that he's using his dress bayonet and he's wearing a panzer assault badge. God! Who does he think he is showing up like crap and where does he shop! Note to self, tell your unit members not to shop where he shops. From P.W. (9/2/05)

I'm still in a state of shock on this one. Can't find the words...German engineers often
worked naked when doing stuff in the water... From P.W. (9/2/05)

I'm not EVEN going to go there with this pic. Make up your own damn comments. LOL! From P.W. (9/2/05)

What is it with these guys!?
Jeez! Another officer wearing an Enlisted field blouse. You'd think they'd learn from the example just above that you're supposed to wear an officer's jacket in the field, and a gaberdine one at that! From J. W., OK (8/22/05)

Hey look! It's Porkins from Star Wars! OK, maybe not, but he is at least an Unteroffizier in the Luftwaffe. Do you think he's in the Fallschirmjäger? Those tabs are yellow! Probably not, maybe he's just a pilot. LOL (8/17/05)

This has to be one of my favorite things to hear about; Jacket and sleeve length. Namely sleeve length. Everyone thinks that the German jacket fits like an American business suit. Hell, we even wrote an article on it (click to read and to see some more photos of farb people). But as we ALL know, the men in the photos above have it ALL wrong. Good bye boys! Can't play with us! From J. W., OK (8/17/05)

Huh! Go home farb!!!
Hey you playing Rommel! You're wearing the wrong thing. You're supposed to have an officer's gaberdine jacket! All officer's in the field wore their finely made, gaberdine office attire. He would have NEVER been seen in an enlisted jacket. Especially one that has not been converted with an officer's collar and French cuffs. Go home 'till you get it right! You're ruining the event for the rest of us! (8/17/05)

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