SS Woven Brown Shirt (gewebtes braune Hemd)
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The Waffen-SS used this pullover shirt from the first days of the SS-Verfügungstruppe in 1934. The woven cotton version was worn under the black service coat with a black necktie. Earliest models had a detachable collar, but a fixed collar was added in 1936. A jersey knit rayon version of this shirt was worn with the earth gray field blouse, also with tie (believe it or not), for the wear in field. Both shirts were the same medium brown color used by the National Socialists in their "brownshirt" uniforms. These brown shirts and the army-style collarless white shirt, were the only shirts issued to the Waffen-SS during the first four years of the war. Although the Waffen-SS also began issuing the Army style M43 mouse gray knit shirt in late 1943, the brown shirt continued to see service with the Waffen-SS through the end of the war.