Army Tropical Breeches
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The tropical field uniform developed for the German Army in 1940 utilized breeches. Breeches, worn with high lace boots, riding boots, leggings, or puttees, had become the standard form of trousers for sportsmen, explorers, and military men throughout the world during the first third of 20th century and this style was carried over into the new tropical uniform.

The seat and thighs are cut full and taper sharply inward at the knee and are cut close from the knee to the ankle. Generally worn with the green canvas knee-high lace up boots, they were also used with long puttees over mountain boots by the Jäger troops in Sonderverbände 288 as shown at right (without the puttees so you can see the breeches). The breeches have slit calves which close by tie tapes to allow the closest possible fit. Ours, as with originals have a fabric belt built into the waist that fastens by way of a three pronged buckle that punches through the belt's fabric. These breeches have two slash pockets and a watch pocket in front, along with a single hip pocket which has a button closure.

A word about our fabric.
Because there was such a wide color spectrum used in the original uniforms, we make these uniforms in various shades of olive and sometimes we vary the weight of the twill. We've gotten positive and negative feedback from different customers on the very same pieces, saying the color does or does not match with an original item they have in their collection. It's impossible for us to make and stock every known shade of Army tropical olive and we cannot guarantee shade choices.