Army Enlisted Tropical Visor Cap (Afrikamütze)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $55 (Insignia in photo included), add $10 (Soutache)

Shipping in Continental US: $8

The famous field cap will always be linked to Rommel's famed Afrika Korps, but it was also used by all types of German Army troops throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic and Black Sea areas. It has been reproduced many times, but never with all the correct details until now. Most importantly, these caps are in the correct olive green to olive brown twill, not the hokey American khaki used by other repro makers. Our reproduction also has the correct WW2 full size tropical visor, larger than that of the so-called "M43" wool caps and the West German caps which are often used as patterns by other makers. It also has the conspicuos top seam which is often missing on other reproductions, and we believe it is the only reproduction tropical cap to ever have the correct tear drop back. This detail makes this the only reproduction cap that has the little "overhang" in the back that you see in so many period photos and sketches. The lining of the cap is red poplin as it should be, and the crown is vented by two metal eyelets to each side, as you would expect in the best reproduction available.

A word about our fabric.
Because there was such a wide color spectrum used in the original uniforms, we make these uniforms in various shades and sometimes we vary the weight of the twill. We've gotten positive and negative feedback from different customers on the very same pieces, saying the color does or does not match with an original item they have in their collection. It's impossible for us to make and stock every known shade of Army tropical olive and we cannot guarantee shade choices.

Please, read this before ordering! About half the caps have the GREEN Background cockade. If you will only accept the TAN Background cockade, check availability before you place your order.