Trouser Belt
This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $30

Shipping in Continental US: $9

These belts are the highest quality belts ever made using the highest quality materials found. The quality even surpasses that of some original belts. All stitching which looks like it was done by machine is hand done. These belts are made here in Dallas, Texas exclusively for Lost Battalions.

A note about original trouser belts: Through our research, we found that there are hardly any two trouser belts that are the same. They run the gamut in differences. Belts can be completely made of leather, Presstoff (artificial leather), cotton, or rayon. They can have a complicated strap/buckle arrangement (like what we offer), simple double claw buckle, single claw buckle or a friction slider buckle. Color of the belt's body can range from brown, black, tan, olive or any color in between. The belts can either be sewn or rivited together. There is no ONE correct trouser belt and the sky's the limit. I have seen many wartime photos of civilian belts being worn as well.

With this said, our leather guy was experimenting with the different original styles of issued belts that we have come across, but all retaining similar features of a cotton web belt with leather strap and metal buckle. The picture below is a representative example of what we offer. The belt you will receive will either have black or brown leather, the buckle arrangement may slightly be different than the picture below or the leather strap end may be straight with mitred corners instead of pointed (which actually is more work than the pointed end). Regardless of which belt you receive, ALL of the belt's leather quality is exactly the same, the webbing and webbing color is exactly the same, and the sewing is exactly the same high quality sewing with natural cotton colored thread as in the photo below. Brown or black is not an issue, like the equipment belt, if you wish to use it for your Luftwaffe impression. Unfortunately, we do not have all sizes in the exact same style so style selection is impossible. Again, all styles are 100% correct and all of the belts were made by the same person here in Dallas/Fort Worth.

This belt can be used with the M42 Keilhosen, M43 Rundbundhosen, M44 Einheitsfeldhosen, Panzer Trousers, Assault Gun Trousers, Tropical Trousers and Shorts and HBT Trousers.