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Lost Battalions

Lost Battalions is the manufacturer of the most accurate reproduction German World War One and Two uniforms available. We are not the biggest company in the business and we have no wish to be. Our customers are those "hardcore authentic" reenactors, collectors, and museums who demand the greatest level of accuracy attainable in a reproduction. Our market niche is to cater to these knowledgeable people by producing reproduction German uniforms of the highest quality and widest selection on the market.

All inventories have been sold and will soon be listed on ebay as "New Old Stock." In the future, Lost Battalions will only offer made to order wool uniforms.

Why Lost Battalions uniforms are the best.

WWII German Military

Lost Battalions WWII German uniforms are the most accurate reproductions of 1934-1945 German uniforms ever made. Every other seller of reproduction German uniforms makes this claim, but only Lost Battalions has the products to back up the words, "We make the best." Our uniforms even beat the German made reproductions that were formerly considered to be the most accurate available.

WWI Imperial

Lost Battalions has acquired the "New Columbia" World War I patterns and samples!!!

New Columbia was the premier supplier of WWI German uniforms and when they went away, no one else had their attention to detail. Imperial German uniforms had a distinctive shape to them, not simply a "sack coat" with German trimmings... New Columbia had the proper patterns to achieve this shape. Lost Battalions now offers WWI German uniforms that are made in America using the long-lost New Columbia patterns and, we are in consultation with the former owner of that company, Joe Covais. We are using custom woven wool by Woolrich Mills in Pennsylvania for the M.1915 "Die Bluse". This wool is yarn dyed, plain weave and the same weight as original.

We have acquired the remaining inventory of the "1910" wool fabric that Great War Militaria had specially woven and will use that fabric on our M.1910 and transitional tunics.

Our Goal

We are not the biggest company making reproduction uniforms, but our products truly are the best on the market from any source or at any price.

IMPORTANT! Please read before placing an order.
Shipping & Handling Policies and Terms Of Purchase

WWI Imperial German uniforms
Our latest project, all made on the New Columbia patterns that we recently purchased.
(updated Aug. 22, 2015)
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