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IMPORTANT! Please read before placing an order.
Shipping & Handling Policies and Terms Of Purchase

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Lost Battalions

Lost Battalions is the manufacturer of the most accurate reproduction German World War One and Two uniforms available. We are not the biggest company in the business and we have no wish to be. Our customers are those "hardcore authentic" reenactors, collectors, and museums who demand the greatest level of accuracy attainable in a reproduction. Our market niche is to cater to these knowledgeable people by producing reproduction German uniforms of the highest quality and widest selection on the market.

Lost Battalions Sale!

All new items in stock on the Bargain Bunker are 25% off until further notice.

Lost Battalions is now the exclusive US distributor for SCHUSTER’s WWI and WWII German Uniforms.

SCHUSTER offers excellent quality uniforms for a very affordable price. Other dealers claim to be the best but SCHUSTER demonstrates its uniforms have better patterning, fabric, and fit than those made in China, India, Pakistan, or Ireland.


We can no longer take Schuster orders during sales. They don't reduce our price during their sales and there is NO margin. We hope you understand the reasons for this... a business is just that—we can't do this for free.

The prices on the SCHUSTER website will remain the same.

  • Click here to check out the Schuster listing

All uniforms are made to order. You will need to fill out the sizing chart prior to placing an order.

Schuster Pricing Information

To order Schuster items from Lost Battalions, fill out the sizing chart. Sent it with the item description and code numbers to info@lostbattalions.com. We will then send a Paypal invoice including the cost of shipping. Delivery takes about 8-10 weeks after payment.


The WWII jackets come without insignia. Schuster will sew on high quality insignia for the cost of the insignia.

There is a surcharge for larger sizes:
  • Coats are standard to size 44.
  • Size 46-52 add 30%
  • 54 plus add 50%
  • Trousers standard price to size 40.
  • Size 42 to 46 add 30%
  • 48 plus add 50%

Some notes:

Due to the difference in time, nationality and culture, it can take up to a week to get questions answered from Schuster.

Schuster' Steingrau color fabric is at the dark end of the specturm. Please view their website to see this.

At this time, Schuster's M.43, DAK and Mountain Caps do not have reinforcement in the bill.

Our Goal

We are not the biggest company making reproduction uniforms, but our products truly are the best on the market from any source or at any price.

IMPORTANT! Please read before placing an order.
Shipping & Handling Policies and Terms Of Purchase

Lost Battalions is now the exclusive U.S. distributer for Schuster. We feel that they, along with our custom uniforms, will be able to fill our customer's needs for all German WWI and WWII items.
(updated July 21, 2016)
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